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EnduringFX Story


EnduringFX was formed in January 2012, two years after founder Jim Stritzinger discovered significant limitations to using existing technology to improve his own exercise regime. Recognizing the alarming trends in human obesity and the profound negative effects – both in terms of human health and resulting healthcare cost – together with the power of traditional feedback theory, he realized that a major opportunity existed to change the world.

Being an engineer and software developer, he began exploring ways he could use his technology and entrepreneurial background to improve the fitness experience. As an avid runner and aspiring Ironman triathlete that enjoys the outdoors, Jim dreamed of reinventing the community fitness experience and bringing the digital fitness experience to the masses by integrating state-of-the art hardware and software and installing it in local public fitness facilities - including outdoor parks, swimming pools and indoor fitness centers.

By permanently placing advanced technology in a typical public park, he recognized that he could revitalize amazing community assets and create a sophisticated, 21st century, fun social exercise experience that has the potential to reach millions at very low cost. This would overcome the need to buy expensive GPS-based tracking devices that are only available to a select few.

Over time, his vision became clear: he envisioned that any person – regardless of their fitness level or sport (run, walk, swim, bike, etc.) - could put on a small radio frequency ID (RFID) device and the park would automatically track and record their exercise data. By placing digital signs in strategic locations, he realized that he could deliver an incredible user experience by displaying real-time speed and distance information and also capturing digital photos. The idea grew to include a powerful web/mobile tracking program.

In the Spring/Summer of 2012, with guidance and support from architect Michael Frederick - a 50yr Type 1 diabetic - EnduringFX enhanced its design to include data capture for blood glucose levels. These enhancements resulted in EnduringFX being selected as a National Finalist (Top 2) in the Sanofi US Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge and being validated as an extremely innovative healthcare product. Finally, with several high-profile strategic partners endorsing his idea and a close working relationship with Mayor Steve Benjamin, EnduringFX received a signed ordinance with the City of Columbia to move forward with the first EnduringFX “digital park” installations.